Series: Proactive Policing in Today’s Society for
Multijurisdictional and Specialty Enforcement Units

The CenTF Program proudly presents a new podcast series featuring timely and relevant issues faced by task teams and specialized units. This planned five-episode series will be released consecutively throughout 2023 and 2024. As each podcast episode is published, you can access each one through the hyperlinks below. Transcripts will also be available.

  1. Officer Safety in Proactive Units: This first episode features a dialogue between CenTF subject matter expert trainers Robert (“Bob”) Bushman—Sheriff of the Lincoln County, Minnesota, Sheriff’s Office and former Statewide Gang and Drug Task Force Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Public Safety—and constitutional policing expert Thomas (“Tom”) Martinelli, JD, MS, constitutional policing author, adjunct criminal justice professor, and former police officer with the Detroit, Michigan, Police Department. The podcast is moderated by experienced podcaster and CenTF trainer Thomas (“Tom”) Datro, Sergeant and Officer in Charge of the Los Angeles, California, Police Department’s Training Division. Throughout the podcast, panelists explore proactive policing mission goals to promote officer safety and minimize risk, and discuss the nuances between proactive, reactive, and constitutional policing. The session includes recommendations on how frontline agents and managerial officers can best protect themselves and their agencies from liability by developing and implementing proactive policing policies within their departments and features training recommendations for minimizing risk in proactive policing units. The panelists explore the future of policing accessible to law enforcement practitioners and community partners alike. Listen to the podcast to learn more about what agencies can do to better serve and support the officers and the communities they protect.

  2. Use of Force Policy Considerations Throughout the second episode, "Use of Force Policy Considerations," panelists explore the judicial foundations of current use of force policy and look at the development of use of force policy over time. This episode provides guidance on what task force commanders can do to help ensure that their task force policies are in compliance. Panelists explore how Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment jurisprudence affect the current case law that all law enforcement officers are obligated to follow in the execution of their duties. The session exposes areas where task force commanders can and should consider collaboration to help better ensure the success of their task forces. It also features suggestions on how task force leadership can best support task force members both personally and professionally to aid in a more successful execution of task force objectives. This second episode features a dialogue between CenTF subject-matter expert Kenneth ("Ken") Razza—the opiate diversion investigator and methamphetamine investigation coordinator with the Anti-Crime Unit at the Buncombe County Sheriff's Department and constitutional policing author Thomas ("Tom") Martinelli, JD, MS. The podcast is moderated by experienced podcaster and CenTF trainer Thomas ("Tom") Datro, sergeant and officer in charge of the Los Angeles, California, Police Department's Training Division.

  3. Considerations for Specialized Policing Units
  4. Developing Effective Task Forces
  5. Use of Confidential Informants in Proactive Policing