Training and Technical Assistance

On-Site Training

The Bureau of Justice Assistance’s (BJA) CenTF Program offers the classroom-based Multijurisdictional Task Force Commanders Training through a two-day on-site training. This training covers a variety of topics designed to assist task force commanders and other law enforcement leaders in making appropriate decisions regarding task force administration and operations planning and management. The goal of the training is to empower task force decision makers with knowledge and tools for proactive planning strategies to effectively and ethically make cases, while increasing safety to the agents and the community.

Topics covered in this training include the following:

  • Leadership
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Personnel and Training
  • Confidential Informants Management
  • Operations Planning and Risk Management
  • Managing Critical Incidents

Webinar Opportunities

The CenTF Program is proud to present a new webinar series, “Critical Components of Task Force Success,” which presents an overview of key strategies that are critical to task force operations in today’s law enforcement environment. Designed to highlight these key strategies, the webinars will discuss topics that are covered in detail throughout the CenTF training program.

Watch a previously recorded webinar. Topics covered in these webinars include:

Podcast Recordings

Podcast Series: Proactive Policing in Today’s Society for Multijurisdictional and Specialty Enforcement Units

The CenTF Program proudly presents a new podcast series featuring timely and relevant issues faced by task teams and specialized units. This planned five-episode series will be released consecutively throughout 2023 and 2024. As each podcast episode is published, you can access it through the hyperlink above. Transcripts will also be available.

Length: 5 Episodes

Center for Task Force Leadership and Integrity (CTFLI) Online Training

The BJA CenTF Program supports CTFLI, a series of online trainings for vetted law enforcement professionals that offers no-cost, specialized training and resources focused on reducing liability and enhancing the safety and effectiveness of task forces. This self-paced training focuses on organizational and operational concepts of successful task force management and privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties issues related to task force operations. The online training, previously housed on the website, is now provided on this CenTF website through the Online Training Portal. Some of the online training on this portion of the website is required training for law enforcement task forces by special condition of a BJA Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Byrne grant.

Technical Assistance (TA)

The CenTF Program also offers customized, no-cost TA to agencies. CenTF subject experts meet the needs of the requesting agency by identifying objectives and developing a tailored approach.

Available CenTF TA services include the following:

  • Consultation with subject experts
  • Review of performance measures
  • Assistance with development of specialized resource materials
  • Review of agency training implementation capabilities
  • Assistance with developing policies and procedures for command-level, task force-related enforcement activities

If your agency would like to request training or TA, please use the Contact Us form.